Widows Trust Fund

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Established by Mrs. Ijeoma Asala in 1998, the Widows Trust Fund ensures widows who have been treated abominably by their husband’s families and society, are empowered to build a future for themselves and their children. The fund takes the form of seed investment ranging from ₦30,000 to ₦150,000 to support the set-up of a business.

Following the loss of a life partner and bread winner these women are usually denied an inheritance, and depending on the culture experience degrading and life- threatening mourning and burial rites and other forms of widow abuse. Sadly for many, the loss of a husband is only the first trauma in a long-term ordeal.

The fall out of this are women who are left destitute, sliding deeper into poverty as a result of little or no access to credit or other economic resources, and by illiteracy or limited to no education. without education, training and a source of income, these women are unable to support themselves or their families.

It is under these challenging circumstances that we have funded the business initiatives of over 1,000 widows in Nigeria and indirectly impacted over 80,000 lives. Through the Widows Trust Fund we have enabled and given a new lease of life to women who have had everything taken from them.

Support a widow today by providing the seed money she needs to start a business and sustain the life of her and her family. Over the years, widows have been empowered with businesses to support their families. For more information about joining the Widow’s Trust Fund Committee contact the Chairperson at widowstrustfund@iwsnigeria.org


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