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Established in 1982,  the scholarship committee was set up to provide educational, moral and financial assistance to deserving girls in secondary schools. Over time the need to impart moral values on students from an early age arose, thus, scholarship opportunities were extended to meet primary school student’s needs.

In 2003, we partnered with Loving Gaze, an independent NGO with 25 years experience in Nigeria, to establish SS Peter and Paul Nursery and Primary School in Ikate, Lekki.

This partnership afforded us the chance to provide financial support to the impoverished girl child and ensure that she receives a quality education with healthy school meals.

To date top students have been awarded scholarships to secondary schools such as The Lagoon School, Day Waterman College and Jesilo High School.

Evidence of the fact that a seed of empowerment and encouragement can bring tremendous transformation can be seen in a heartfelt letter from a very happy and grateful Elizabeth Akinola, who wrote in 1999 to register her appreciation to IWS for the support given to her and her sister in 1986 when they both gained admission to Queens College.

Today she resides in the US after winning the Diversity Visa Lottery to which IWS donated funds for her ticket and successful relocation.

This committee monitors scholarship granted by the Society to needy and deserving girls in primary and secondary schools. Attention is being paid to empowering women and girls through education. A wide spread of beneficiaries is constantly in view for the benefit of the community.

Our Scholarship committee is proud to have supported a countless number of children through their education. While we are proud of what we have done so far, there is still a lot more to be done, not by IWS alone but with your help. We therefore seek your support to continue to secure and provide a future for our child. For more information about joining the Scholarship Committee contact the Chairperson at