Chairperson Scholarship

Mrs. Mobola Sagoe

Mobola Sagoe (Chairperson Scholarship) is an aesthetician with a degree in Bio-esthetics. She has over three decades of experience working in the skin care sector. She is the Founder of Shea Origin and has committed to a life-long goal of empowering women especially those in the local shea business. She has worked with rural communities in Oyo and Kwara States for over a decade. She has served on various boards and in various capacity in regards to shea in Nigeria and other countries. She has singlehandedly ensured the international visibility of shea butter made by Oyo women by ensuring the quality meets international standard. She has facilitated effective multi stakeholder agreements including public- private partnerships involving numerous private companies/firms and governmental organisations. She is a foremost advocate for agricultural development in Nigeria and she has championed several initiatives for rural and agricultural value chain development